Implementation Planning

MTP Software takes a thorough, logical approach to implementing relationship management systems. Our consultants take the time to gain a detailed understanding of your organization. Working with your staff, we engage in comprehensive, methodical planning, allowing you to fully benefit from an enterprise-wide, customer relationship management solution for your extended organization.

Our implementation plans provide you with an understanding of the time, cost, and resources required for their project. The implementation plan includes a deployment strategy, an initial production pilot, and a high-level project plan outlining the project timeline and resource requirements.

Functional Requirements Definition

MTP Software can address your business needs on a global, regional, and industry-specific level. We work closely with you to determine the scope of your solution, then collaborate with your internal team to define and map your processes to the solution system. This joint effort delivers a world-class solution that makes a bottom-line difference.

Product Customization

MTP Software provides complete consulting teams or individual consultants that are skilled in translating business requirements into an effective solution. Based on their extensive knowledge of all MTP Software products, the consulting teams provide expert assistance in developing business process flow and in customizing a product's functionality to meet the needs of your business. We will ensure that you can achieve your business goals through a rapid process of prototyping, testing, and deployment.

Data Conversion

More than likely, your organization has compiled years of information about your customers and business in existing systems. There is no need to leave this data behind when you begin using our products. Our consultants can assist you with any data conversion, migration, or integration that is necessary or desirable to get the most out of your business solution.

Upgrades & Migrations

Our consultants can guide and assist you when you upgrade your existing MTP Software products to a newer version. We can train your technical staff on the upgrade process, provide a comprehensive overview of new features, and assist with the process of migration, testing, and deployment.

Interface Development

MTP Software's consultants will work with you to determine the necessary interfaces required to facilitate the efficient transfer of data, customer information, and knowledge throughout your enterprise, so everyone in your organization has the resources they need to sell.

Product Installation and Configuration

Our consultants provide assistance in the installation and configuration of all of our products. Working closely with members of your staff, our implementation specialists will guide you through a smooth installation and configuration process.

Customized Training and User Documentation

In addition to providing the resources you need to implement your new system, MTP Software can also customize product training and documentation to match your existing business processes and terminology. Addressing these and other change management issues during the implementation process will aide the transfer of the critical knowledge necessary to maintain your operation.


As your business grows and evolves, our consultants are available to support and fine-tune your product implementation. Our assessment process helps your executives and managers truly understand the scope of developing and maintaining a successful front-office operation. We focus our assessments primarily on three aspects of your implementation: Technical Discovery, Organizational Discovery, and Resource Discovery & Tuning.

The end result of these assessments is a recap of procedures, configurations, and resource recommendations that are tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business and continually improve your utilization of our products.